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HT.MD - Hydraulic systems

Hydro Tech (ht.md) is the leader in the Moldavian market in the field of import and sale of hydraulic equipment as well as special equipment repair services.

The main activities of the company:

  • Sale of spare parts for special equipment

  • Mobile and industrial hydraulics in Moldova

  • Design and production of hydraulic stations for oil stations, lubrication stations, hydraulic stations

  • Lubrication and filtering equipment (sales and design)

  • Pneumatic equipment in Moldova

  • Solenoid valves for liquids and gases

  • Repair of hydraulics and special equipment in Moldova

  • Import under the order of hydraulic equipment from any manufacturer

In the assortment of our shop there is a wide choice of spare parts and components for all types of road-building special equipment of domestic and import production:

  • Hydromotors, hydraulic pumps;

  • Hydrodistributors;

  • Hydraulic seals

  • Repair kits and others.

Наш сервис «Hydro Tech» в Кишенёве занимается техобслуживанием и ремонтом гидравлического оборудования, и мы предлагаем нашим клиентам такие виды профессионального ТО:

  • запланированные и сезонные осмотры техники.

  • replacement of outdated and worn-out fluids, lubricants and parts of the mechanism;

  • prevention of knot wear;

  • diagnostics of a condition of hydraulics.