Why do we need to repair hydraulics with us? Hydraulic equipment - complex technical structures that require proper and careful handling. In our service “Hydro Tech”, repair of special equipment hydraulics is carried out only by the most experienced craftsmen who have been working in this field for 10 years. Moreover, we understand that in the age of high technologies we cannot neglect the gifts of technical progress, therefore we only use for repair of special equipment hydraulics in Moldova Modern high-tech equipment. Repair of hydraulic equipment of special equipment in Chisinau is not a quick process, as well as any repair work, because making a replacement or repair of one part, it is necessary to examine en and the rest, so you do not have to re-conduct the repairs. In addition, when repairing special equipment, we produce washing systems, replacing filters and working fluids. However, we try to do our work as quickly as possible so that you start your own as soon as possible. Turning to us for repair or. You can be 100% sure that you turn to the masters in their work who are accustomed to responsibly and carefully carry out their task. Sale of spare parts for special equipmentHydraulic repairThe second main activity of our company Hydro Tech LLC is sales spare parts and components for the repair of hydraulic equipment of special equipment in Moldova. In the assortment of our store there is a wide choice of the following spare parts and components for all types of road-building special equipment of domestic and foreign production:

  • Hydromotors, hydraulic pumps;

  • Hydrodistributors;

  • Hydraulic seals

  • Repair kits and others.

Наша компания «Hydro Tech» в Кишиневе продает качественные запасные части для сельхозтехники и гидравлики от проверенных производителей по низким ценам.
More detailed information on the availability of the necessary spare parts and components for special hydraulic equipment in our store can be obtained in the relevant section of our site. Do you need to perform turning and welding work in Chisinau? Then contact our company Selpo.eu. We will do everything qualitatively and in a short time. “Selpo” carries out the sale of parts for special equipment, as well as repair and maintenance of road-building equipment in Moldova and also on our website has a catalog of goods www.ht.md. Maintenance of hydraulics, hydraulic equipment of special equipment. Diagnostics, maintenance, repair of hydraulic equipment in Chisinau. , like any other mechanical system, is subject to wear. Worn, working on the last breath parts, of course, can not be called reliable, because they can fail at any time. Unexpected damage to special equipment is particularly undesirable, because such equipment is usually involved in serious and responsible work, where force majeure circumstances are not welcome. The specificity of the hydraulic equipment operation contributes to the removal of parts: large loads, pressure drops and temperatures. Repair of hydraulics in Moldova is much more costly and time-consuming process than preventive maintenance (maintenance). Our service "Hydro Tech" in Voronezh is engaged in the maintenance and repair of hydraulic equipment, and we offer our customers the following types of professional maintenance:

  • scheduled and seasonal inspections of equipment;

  • replacement of outdated and worn-out fluids, lubricants and parts of the mechanism;

  • prevention of knot wear;

  • diagnostics of a condition of hydraulics.

If in the course of maintenance there were revealed breakdowns of equipment, our service is ready to render the services of hydraulic repair in Chisinau at the highest level.